Biology Assignment Help Online Examples: Phytochemical, types and how it helps in preventing Cancer

Phytochemical supplements and its role in preventing the progression or occurrence of chronic disease has gain lo of significance in past few years and it is mainly due to the increase in the number of peoples using the vitamin and mineral supplements to avoid such diseases. However, there is no such concrete evidence which could justify the intake of these supplements to cure or prevent these diseases. In recent studies it is shown that over half of the American population is taking mineral and vitamin supplements in expectation of feeling better and in order to prevent some common illnesses despite the evidence being against of such perceptions as per the research findings from our biology assignment help research experts. So the main question which arises from the findings is that ‘is the intake of the vitamin and mineral supplements is healthful or is it really a wishful thinking or a myth’? (Stocker,1994).

What is phytochemical?

According to Harvard professional on nutrition phytochemicals are a huge group of plant based compounds derived in order to protect from the diseases. The occurrence of these chemical compounds in plant is natural. They are responsible for the organoleptic properties in plants and are also responsible for the colour of the specific plant and fruit (Davies et al.,2004).
There are various types of phytochemicals which are found in different plans and fruits. Phenolic acides, flavonoids and lignans are the types of phytochemicals found in plants and fruits. Flavonoids are considered to be the most vital phytochemical found in these plant based derivatives. These flavonoids provide different chemical compounds which can be useful for the body in terms of their properties fighting against certain diseases (Xing,1994).
Is flavonoids and other phytochemical supplements are helpful in prevention for occurrence of chronic diseases?
The main aim of this article is to provide an insight founded by our biology homework help team which is based on evidences that these minerals and vitamins supplements are responsible for prevention in occurrence and progression of the chronic diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular diseases and diabetes. With the discovery of French paradox previously it was indicative that certain flavonoids and phytochemical are responsible for low mortality rates in Mediterranean region. The phenomenon was studied extensively after the discovery of the French paradox and it was concluded that the intake of phytochemical is not entirely responsible for the low mortality rates and in fat it is inversely related with the mortality rate occurring due to chronic cardio vascular diseases (Pan et al.,2007).
Over the years due to lack of studies and research on the topic it is perceived that the intake of phytochemicals as food supplements is beneficiary more in the terms of good health and prevention and cure of chronic diseases. However, with recent developments and more extensive researches it is clear that the myth is not entirely true and also the mechanistic study of the same has produced enough evidence for the same.
Epidemiological studies over the years have suggested that the consumption of a diet consists of high intakes of fruits and vegetables are responsible for a reduced risk of coronary diseases. However, till now there is not enough evidence which can ably support this concept. From the reports it is conclusive that a whole food based diet is far better and helpful than eating supplements. Vegetables and fruits are vital sources of a diverse variety of many beneficial agents such as minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals. Supplements may be rich in phytochemicals compounds but may not be comprised of fiber or required vitamins hence it cannot be termed as full source of dietary supplement against a whole food based diet. And in addition to this it must also be considered that eating a whole food based diet provides exercise for other body organs such as mouth and teeth. It also sparks digestive system which is essential in order to have a good metabolism. If we see from public health view supplements can never be as beneficial as whole food based diet. The process of eating a food based diet is entirely different from just having a supplement. The process itself is beneficial in many aspects and can provide additional benefits to the body (Sergeev et al.,1998).
There are many phytochemicals have been identified in plant based foods which have several biological functions and which are specifically designed in a way by nature to fight against different anomalies. It is also corroborated by our chemistry assignment help team. Hence, it is advisable for the individuals to eat a diverse variety of plant based fruits which will help them to derive optimum benefits from the vegetables and fruits they consume (Sergeev et al.,1998).


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