Balance Score Card and Its Advantages

Balanced scorecard

Balanced scorecard is a performance management tool that gives a semi-structured report considering the methods and automation tools. This technique is used by the managers to keep the track on the activities of the staff that involves monitoring and controlling of the actions arising from the consequences as per our finance assignment help online UK experts.  Balance scorecard is used by strategic management so as to find out the different strategic function and improve the outcomes of the function. Balance scorecard is used for providing feedback to organizations for improving the performance. Using the balanced score card, it requires the organisation to viewed from 4 different perspectives. The organisation needs to develop metrics, collect data and further analyse these for all four perspectives. The four perspectives are as follows:
  • Financial perspective
  • Customer perspective
  • Internal perspectives
  • Innovative and learning perspective
Benefits of balance scorecards
There are several benefits of using the balance scorecards in any organisation that are as follows:
  • The first advantage is that, it gives a balanced view on the performance of the whole organisation by covering the major four aspects and focusing whether the organisation is meeting the set objectives. It may be possible that one aspect is performing well while the other is not able to achieve the objectives as explained by our human resource assignment help experts. For example: the organisation is generating good revenue but it may be possible that customer satisfaction is getting down or employee training is inadequate etc.
  • The second advantage is that, it gives the stakeholders to determine the short, medium and long term goals at the one peak by covering all the aspects. Whenever the accountant see that the organisation is not performing well he/she makes the short or immediate plan that don’t serve the purpose of the organisation. Balanced scorecard overcomes this limitation.
  • The third advantage is that, it gives assurance that the strategic actions executed meet the desired objectives that means is the customer is satisfied with product or the product serves the higher quality that involves creative and innovative processes.


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