Operations Management Assignment Help Example Part 3:Streamlining of Manufacturing Operation of a Corrugated Box Manufacturing Plant in Taiwan

 This part is written to provide an overview to construct process map so as to get operations management assignment help.

Process map construction

The initial interview transcript and the project note is used to make the sequential steps of the whole process. Each process is then analyzed in detail to understand the whole manufacturing process at micro level using flowchart. The detailed process and the flowchart of the whole process developed during interview are given below:-

2.4.1 Manufacturing Process Mapping

The whole manufacturing process is done with the help of semi-automatic machine where operators’ intervention is minimum. However, each operator is present at each step as mentioned below to take care of machine operation and smooth feeding of the input into the machine.

First step

The first step is to make pulp from wood chips in the Kraft sulfate process. First tree barks are converted into chips which are then made into pulp with the help of NaOH and other ionic compounds like Sulphate etc.

Second step

The pulp is then refined and made into square structure into the paper making machine of about 600 meters.

Third step

Using powerful fork-lifts, skilled equipment operators select, move, and load rolls of kraft paper at one end of the corrugators.

Fourth step

One roll of medium is loaded to run through the corrugating rolls, and a roll of liner is fed into the corrugators to be joined with the corrugated medium. Liner from another roll travels up over the corrugating rolls along a flat structure called the bridge. This liner will be glued to the corrugated medium later in the process.

Fifth step

The medium to be corrugated is fed into the giant, electrically driven rollers of the corrugators, where it is steamed at higher temperature to make it dry and strong.

Sixth step:

The medium travels next to a set of rollers called the single-facer glue station. Here, one layer of liner is glued to the medium. Starch glue is carefully applied to the corrugated edges of the medium, and the first layer of liner is added. From the single-facer, the medium and liner go to the double-backer glue station where the other layer of liner from the bridge is added following the same procedure. Continuing through the corrugators, the cardboard passes over steam-heated plates that cure the glue.

Seventh step

Finally the box is taken out from the slitters and is sent to different Pepsi plant to carry out packaging and all for different products.

The labors and Human resources are required at all the steps so we will use PSDP map to integrate HF into the process so as to improve the whole production process. This present perfect example of operations management homework help.

Process map verification

After the preparation of process map as mentioned above, meeting is done with the manger and the plant in charge to verify the process map. During this meeting each section was thoroughly examined so as to improve the PDSP map by integrating HF into it. Since the participants expressed completion and validity of the PSDP map, this revised version was used as the final document for map applications within this study. ( Armistead & Machi (1997)). It will give immense help for operations management project help.The whole process map is designed for semi-automatic step where operator single operator is present at each step and all the recommendation regarding safety and HF factor is given for it only.


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