Operations Management Assignment Help Example Part 2:Streamlining of Manufacturing Operation of a Corrugated Box Manufacturing Plant in Taiwan


The first part you can read by visiting our last post related to operations management assignment help . Hoping you find our last post interesting. This post will provide more insights onto the methodological aspects of streamlining of manufacturing of corrugated box which will give idea related to how one can streamline the operations related to various productions features.

2.0 Methodology

The methodology that is adopted during this research report is described using two contexts in the following section i.e Study design in section 2.1 and description of study participants in section 2.2.

2.1 Design of Study

The study that we conducted here is actually a case study with the objectives of studying the factors which influence the success of organizational change effort to integrate the HF into the production process of the corrugated box manufacturers using PSDP mapping. It can be done by first mapping the company currents PSDP process and then suggestion will be given to include HF factors so as to optimize the performance. The whole study is designed in collaboration with company personnel so as to initiate the organizational development.( Ball  & Omerod, (2000))
This study will be done by combination of explorative, qualitative and mixed approach in collaboration with company personnel. In this approach a qualitative as well as ethnographic approach is used to gain insights from all stakeholders involved. It will help in the way that it will serve the twin purpose of improving the current PSDP as well as providing a way to develop the process in long term in future This example help students greatly in getting Operations management homework help .( Armistead & Machi (1997))

 2.2 Study participants

The project started with the help and approval of environment, health and safety manger of the manufacturing plant. The EH&S manager helped a lot in arranging the ergonomist to carry out this task. The manager takes the lead and helped us in collecting response from the other stakeholders associated with the process.

2.3 Data collection

The data is collected using two methods during all phases of the study. The two methods are as follows:-
1)      Field notes
2)      Event Tracking
We have used two methods to collect data so as to improve the validity and the reliability of the study so as to strengthens the implementation process and the outcomes. These are few common methods one can employ to get Operations management project help.

2.3.1 Field notes

We visited the plant so as to analyze the whole the whole manufacturing process using field notes. It is made throughout the visit using the help of the manager. It was also made during collaboration events such as site visits or during interaction over phone with site in charge and other personnel. All the information such as date of interactions, timing, topics and designation of the person will be recorded. The effort is given to collect all the main points discussed during the interactions. Hence, each note consists of annotations, reflection on observations, various problem faces by them due to absence of HF and all.( Armistead & Machi (1997))

2.3.2 Interviews

In this data collection method, 2 sets of interview will be conducted with both individuals and the group. The aim of the interview is to collect PSDP data so as to use it for mapping and secondly a methodological evaluation interview is done in the end. After the interview, the whole content is also sending to all the respective participants so as to verify the content.( Carayon, P. (2006))
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