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There are many different techniques which currently exist for the improvement regarding the quality within the hospitals of the United States of America. It could also be possible to prevent around 18000 deaths every year due to the reason of the illness caused by the medical treatments or medical conditions. The several studies that are conducted state that procedures used in the healthcare expose the patients to certain risks which are also not capable of improving the health of the patient. The drugs that are provided are not completely indicated and also the tests that are conducted in the laboratory show the improper results. In order to provide a better health care system, the quality improvement is required.One of the biggest problems that the patients have to go through is the accommodation in the hospital. The patient has to face severe challenges during the time of their treatment due to the poor accommodation facilities.Furthermore, one of the causes of the death of patients in the hospital is due to the fact that they are not taken care of properly. The report gives a clear description about how accommodation is necessary for treating the patients. Moreover, there are other methods like sig sigma and FMEA tools are used to understand the topic more precisely.

Background of the Concept

Quality healthcare is can be defined as how much the health services for people and population has improved over the years and how it has helped in the entire healthcare facilities. It is essential to have a quality healthcare facility for the safety of patients. It is often noticed that most of the error that happens during the time of treating the patient is because of the result of faulty system and process rather than human errors (Anderson, 2015). Quality health care includes all health care facilities from starting from treatment of the patients to the accommodation facilities which often lacks. There are different times of complexity present in the healthcare industry regarding the safety issues as well as inefficient in service which led to degrade in the health of patients. The healthcare industry in today's world works at a very lower level and to improve the facility for the safety of patients their main aims should be effective, patient-centered, safe, timely, equitable and efficient.Accommodation management is essentially important which the management must take care of for the better treatment of the patient.

Focus on the system level

The project of the quality improvement would affect the microsystem of the healthcare organization. The microsystem of the health care comprises of the small set of people working along to help the patients on the regular basis which when required (Klenpell&Alexandrov, 2015). The quality improvement, in this case, would focus on the treatment of the people with care as the microsystems are related to the different processes of the healthcare organization. It has clinical and business points, connected procedures of care, a mutual data condition, and creates administrations and care that might be estimated and utilized as the outcome of the performance.Moreover, due to the lack of accommodation facilities patients has been treated with very less care which is also one of the reason for degradation of their health.These frameworks advance after some time and are frequently inserted in bigger frameworks or associations.

Theoretical underpinning of change

It is essential to make changes regarding the health services in the healthcare industry and there are various theories that can help in the change. All the things must be considered which are related to health service should be investigated. Change activities need to destabilize existing conditions, actualize the option and destabilize the environment (Polancich, Roussel& Miller, 2017). The usage procedure includes look into and plays out a learning capacity. According to the theory given by Kurt Lewin, change is very necessary because it creates an appropriate condition which occurs through various trials and errors until and unless a proper result is found. The changes are very necessary because accommodation not only includes a better living facilities, it also involves the regular efforts of nurses and workers working in the hospital needs to ensure that they clean and keep the things tidy on a regular basis.This explains how important it is to have a proper quality of services for the safety of the patients. The impact of engagement of staff and their commitment towards their work in treating the patient with care is massive because they have the ability and empowerment to demonstrate and change the entire working process in the healthcare service for the betterment of the patients.   

Usage of an improvement Tool

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a deliberate technique for recognizing and tackling also, process issues before it happens. The usage of the FMEA mainly aims to prevent the tragedy and does not require any previous experiences. The FMEA helps in making the system much more robust. Importantly, the accident prevention was the primary focus of the healthcare sector. The main rationale for the MEA in the healthcare department is the misguidance of the faulty.This tool will not only help the patients to take care of themselves but will also improve the accommodation facilities inside the hospital. The performance by the healthcare professionals will be a great help for the patients inside the hospital (Geary &Roussel, 2017). Furthermore, there are different methods by which the FMEA can analyze the healthcare issues which include the hazard analysis.

Six Sigma Model

Six Sigma was designed as a business technique that includes improving, planning, as well as observing procedure in order to limit or dispense with squandering along while fulfillment and expanding money related dependability (Kitapci, Akdogan&Dortyol, 2014). Moreover, there are two different types of Six Sigma in which one inspects and explains the process outcome along with calculating the defect. It is also noted that untidiness also harms the patient health and their mind so it is necessary for the management in the hospital to deal with the issue. Sig Sigma is the best method because it includes all the necessary items required for improvement in the facility of the hospital. On the other hand, the other part uses estimation process in variation to predict process performance. Furthermore, Six Sigma can be used in the healthcare service as it analyzes, improves and defines measurable outcomes that will help in the development of services in the healthcare which will also help in the improvement of quality and service. Sig Sigma model can be used for development and improvement in the healthcare facilities for the safety purpose of the patients.

Resources used for the changes

Health care service lacks in resources in many ways and it is very necessary to make changes in order to help the patients by improving the services in hospitals. One of the important changes which should be made is the structural change because it includes is basically everything from doctors to the service quality(Lupo, 2016). The structural change can bring a lot of improvement in the healthcare industry. The next most important change which should be focused is the involvement of humans and their effort. Because everything depends on how the nurses and doctors and other respected individuals involved in it react and make changes. There should also be the financial investment made in order to have far developed and advanced service quality for treating the patients in the hospital.

Evaluation method for Quality Measure

Quality measures can be used as tool which can assist to measure and assess healthcare procedures, results, tolerant observations, and classified structure along with the frameworks which is related and has the capability to provide quality medical service that will fulfill the objective in helping and improving the healthcare industry (Manogaran, Thota&Sundarasekar, 2017). The management can calculate the total number of patients in the hospital and then employ the require number of nurses and doctor along with proper accommodation facilties. The quantitative methods are about occasions in their normal settings, frequently translating them as far as the subjective implications connected by the person. Subjective strategies for gathering information incorporate meetings, perception, and investigation of records in the healthcare department. The qualitative methods include the facility regarding the services and other equipment in the hospital will benefit the patients and help them in their treatment.

Identification of the structure

As stated by (Lupo, 2016), the Donabedian Model for the health care helps in improving the various care structures and could help the processes to improve which could eventually result in the betterment of the patient. This model has been generally embraced by the injury group yet has not yet been approved in an injury framework. The main purpose of the Donabedian model was to survey the execution of a coordinated injury framework as far as structure, process, and result and assess the connection between the quality spaces(Manogaran, Thota&Sundarasekar, 2017). The model also states the linkage of the structure, processes and the outcomes of the healthcare department to provide better care to the people which are mainly concerned to the needs of the patients. The framework provided according to the Donabedian model helps in improving the quality of the healthcare systems around the globe.

Description of the outcome

The outcome states the failure in the better surgical methods which leads to the exposure of the patients and the prescription of the medications which are also not indicated.
The issue of exposure of the patients which leads to medical risks.
The prescription of the medicines which are not indicated.

Table 1: Indication of the Outcome
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Figure: Quality of the Health Care
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Contribution to the Quantity initiative

The contribution of qualitative finding in the improvement of the quality initiative is massive. Accommodation is being neglected by most of the hospitals as they do not treat it as important but for a matter of fact this is one of the most important sections which the management should take care of in order to treat the patients and help them recover from their illness (Manogaran, Thota&Sundarasekar, 2017). The data found at the time of analysis will help to explore the unexplored part of the health service industry and provide an opportunity for the researchers to work in the field where the focus is less. It should also be kept in mind that the qualitative findings will help the patients to get better treatment in terms of services and other essential needs.


It can be concluded that it is very necessary to improve the health care industry as safety of the patient is the first priority. A lot of invest should be made for improving the quality of service because a better health care is the need of the hour and everyone involved in the industry should take initiative and work for the development of the health care services. The health care industry needs to focus on the issue related to accommodation because taking care of the patients should be the first priority of the hospital.


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