5 ways to solve marketing case study

Marketing is basically a social process where an individual or an organisation satisfies its needs and wants by the creation and exchange of values with others. Marketing is a process where the aim of the company is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that it can expect the same amount of value from the customer’s side also. The requirements of the customers are given paramount importance in marketing. Marketing is a give and take relation where the customer depends on the company and the company also depends on the customer for its survival. There are different marketing strategies which are applied by the company for better marketing. Some of them are mentioned in Marketing Assignment Help. They are: -
·         Paid advertising: - Paid advertising can be done in various forms such as TV commercials and print advertising. With the modern approach of internet, internet advertising has become quite popular and is being widely used.
·         Cause marketing: - The main aim of the cause marketing is to focus to link the service and products to some social cause. This type of marketing is done tom make awareness regarding any social issue and is done for the betterment of society.
·         Transactional marketing: - In this type of marketing, the retailers try to increase the marketing of their by offering some discounts, shopping coupons and organising various events to motivate the customers.
·         Diversity marketing: - It tries to integrate the different types of marketing strategies.
·         Internet marketing: - This type of marketing is done over the internet by advertising the marketing items on the internet.

Marketing management focuses on the various factors which determine the marketing strategy of a company. These factors may be psychological or physical. It is a set of various activities such as the planning, analysis, execution a decided plan in order to achieve the desired objectives with the target audiences. There is a lot of marketing management functions that we shall come across. Some of them are mentioned here in Marketing Management Case Study Help. They are: -
·         Marketing objectives: - one of the main functions of the marketing management is to outline the various marketing objectives for the company or the organisation. These objectives can be short term or long term and should be in accordance with the aims and objectives of the organisation.
·         Planning: - After the marketing objectives are outlined, the aim of the marketing management lies in the planning of achieving those objectives. Various marketing techniques and strategies, sales forecast, marketing formulation programmes are some of the plans that the organisation tries to pursue.
·         Organisation: - Now once the plan is formulated, the company tries to implement and execute that plan by the organisation of various ideas and means to achieve the plan and the various objectives o the company.
·         Co-ordination: - It refers to the efficient synchronisation of all the activities of the various departments of the company to achieve a common goal.
·         Control: - Control refers to the efficiency with which a plan is executed or implemented by a company. This ensures the effective implementation of a plan.    


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