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Employment Law and its Assignments
Law is a set of rules and regulations that binds together the custom of a community or a country. The word law comes from the Teutonic word ‘Lag’ (meaning definite). In simple words, law can be defined as a set of definite rules and regulations that helps to regulate general conditions of human activity. Employment law is one of its kinds.
Employment law is also known as labour law or labor law. The law that governs the duties and rights between workers and employers in an organization is known as employment law. It differs from one country to another. In a nutshell, the law that deals with the relationship between employer and employee is known as employment law. Law is a broad topic and can be tricky for students to understand. Employment Law Assignment Help does the work by elaborating each and every topic in simplified manner. The various issues that come under this law are as follows: -
·         Minimum wage
·         Work hours
·         Living wage
·         Promotion and dismissal
·         Discrimination in the workplace
·         Worker’s health and security
Tort law and its Assignments
Tort Law
The word Tort has been derived from the Latin word ‘torquere’ which means ‘wrong’ or ‘twisted’. The harms that are done by one person or party against another person or party are known as tort.  Tort Law Assignment Help benefits students by providing all the topics related to tort law In tort law, various legal injuries are defined such as- reputational harm, emotional harm, constitutional rights violation, privacy violation, any form of mental harm, physical damage, etc. Some factors responsible for tort law are lack of essential skills, insufficient times, lack of interest, etc. Torts are classified into three basic categories by the tort law, they are: -
·         Deliberate torts- It is an intentionally committed crime against another person with the intention of causing harm. Various deliberate torts like battery, frauds, conversion, trespassing, false imprisonment, assault, etc. fall into this category.
·         Negligent torts- It is an accidently committed crime against another person or party.
·         Strict liability torts as.
Employment law and tort law are two important types of law. It is a vast subject and is broadly classified into various sub parts. Students require special skills and effort to complete these assignments as per our law essay writing help services. For this, online help is available and students can avail expert help.


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