Effect of social media on consumer behavior And their purchase decision process

Scope of the study:
The phenomenal growth of digital technology, during the recent times, has revolutionized the global marketplace by shifting the paradigm of focus to e- commerce. Social media has created a unique landscape in consumer buying behavior that provides new grid of network in personal connection. In recent years, the advent of social media has transformed the traditional marketing approach and offers immense scope to the marketers to tap the true potential of social media. Social media has a much higher level of efficiency relative to the other communication channels that prompt the business across the world to participate and advertise in social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, My Space and others as find by our marketing assignment help experts. Social media plays a pivotal role in the consumer purchase decisions. In all the fives stages of consumer’s buying decision process, social media has a significant impact (Elisabeta Ioanăs, Ivona Stoica.2014).
This research study attempts to address the issue of growing importance of social media in consumer’s purchase decision making process. This current study further explores the role and impact of social media on consumer behavior in Saudi Arabia. This study puts an insight on how the consumers in Saudi Arabia during each stage of their purchase decision making process are influenced by social media interaction. Based on intensive research, analysis of the data and interpretation of the findings, this study provides recommendations on the future scope of untapped potential of social media in Saudi Arabia.
            The relevance of the study:
Today a growing number of businesses are providing their strong focus on social media for their marketing activities. In this era of information social media provides the unique platform where the business can have direct and close interaction with the potential consumers, clarify all their doubts, improve their  purchase decision strategy and build a strong and long lasing relations with their customers. Due to social media, the business now has a greater power to influence the consumer behavior in every stage of their purchase decision. To consumers, social media acts as a new and innovative channel to acquire the information about product and services through peer communication. Consumers are now influenced by sharing the ideas and views of the relevant product, going through the reviews of other consumers or evaluating the brand positions strategy in the social networking site. This relevancy is quite important for student looking for online exam help in their marketing research paper. Whether it is vacation, food, health care or home décor, consumers will have an intensive search in social media to ensure the quality of the product as well as to have the best value for their money (Saini1 N. Bansal  S K & Singh  R I 2014).

Social media is gaining popularity exponentially in Saudi Arabia today.  Online buying behavior among the Saudi Arabian consumers especially among the women has received considerable attention by researchers in the area of social science and management studies. The primary focus of this study is to examine how different types of social media affects the various stages of purchase decision making process of the buyers in the context of Saudi Arabia. This study definitely has scholarly importance because the e commerce boom is expected to enhance the productivity, improve the competitiveness and thereby accelerates the economic growth of Saudi Arabia (Abdul-Rahim Ahmad, Najmul Hoda. 2014).


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