Marketing Research Assignment Help -Short Proposal Example

Research rationale

What is the issue?
The issue of e-marketing has taken the business world by storm as, the business entities are using this process toreach the consumers easily. The consumers also have the chance to have a say regarding the product quality and various decisions taken by the company itself. West et al. (2015) have opined that this process has both positive and negative effects on the prospects of the company. The consumers are now able to comment directly on the webpage of the company regarding any faulty business decisions or marketing strategy. Therefore, the management now has to be more cautious regarding their mode of operations. E- marketing has in this way, given the marketing strategy a whole new life.
Why is it an issue?
E-marketing is unique as, it provides specialised services to the consumers based on their individual taste. However, Chen and Huang (2016) have opined that the marketing process has taken over the traditional marketing means and the smaller companies are unable to spend millions for the online campaigns. The consumers are changing their marketing taste as; online shopping has got a new name in these days as found by marketing assignment help researchers. All these point out to one aspect and that is e-marketing.
Why is it an issue now?
Recently, a report published by BBC has shown that most of the marketing campaigns of most of the entities revolve around online marketing strategy. Therefore, the definition of marketing has changed into a more revolutionised term. Chen and Huang (2016) have opined that in recent time, the marketing campaigns are directed towards achieving competitive advantage.
What could this research shed light on?
This research paper would therefore shed light on the usefulness of e-marketing to achieve complete consumer attention. In addition, the aspect of achieving competitive advantage is also there as, most of the company’s aretrying to take this approach to attain this advantage by making their voices heard in the market.

Research significance

The research paper is trying to assess whether, e-marketing approach is really providing the boost to the business entities to attain competitive advantage. Chuang (2016) has opined that in order to implement the e-marketing fully, the companies have to change their operational strategies so that the consumers can access the company as a modern facility as per our case study assignment help online experts. Therefore, this research paper would try to understand all these factors.

 Research aim

The research paper is aiming to introduce the influence of e-marketing on the implementing films to ensure proper customer attention. In addition, this paper would also try to evaluate the kind of optimization that marketing tools need to use the process of e-marketing to its full capability.

Research objectives

The research objectives are such as,
·         To evaluate the various aspects of e marketing and the process through which, excellence can be attainedusing various tools
·         To assess the differences between traditional and e-marketing and the process through which, companiescan use e-marketing to gain competitive advantage
·         To understand the influence of e-marketing on the sales margin of a firm and other activities of thefirm in order to check whether, it realty helps in gaining any edge over competitors

Research questions

The research questions are as follows,
·         Does E- Marketing help companies in achieving competitive advantage?
·         Does E- marketing excellence help companies in improving their sales?
·         What are the ways through which, excellence can be attained while using e marketing?

Research motivation

The increasing use of e-commerce sites and their profitability especially the digital marketing activities conducted by international firms like McDonalds and other companies have taken has motivated the researcher to conduct a research on e-marketing and its viability for firms in gaining competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.


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