Operation Management Assignment Solution Example-Analysis of ITIL adoption at HBZS- Beneficial or Not- Part 1


This is a series of article to help student to understand use of IT to improve operations at HBSZ. Student will have to follow all step to get operations management assignment help for their project. Please follow all part to understand the project in details.

Part 1

This report was written to examine whether the current ITIL adoption at HBZS is fruitful or not and whether it require further advancement. By carefully studying the entire ITIL process and the adopted ITIL process in HBZS it can be safely said that they have done quite a remarkable job at HBZS.  Tis can be used by student to get operations management homework help related to their projects.
HBZS is a joint stock company which has OKD as its sole shareholder. HBZS is a company which is into the field of providing rescue services for mining operations. OKD its sole shareholder and parent company is the largest coal producer in Czech Republic. They provide a range of emergency service to rescue workers and underground materials or from emergencies. HBZS also involve in other ancillary commercial activities. They also monitor various safety aspects related to underground buildings, working inside water or at heights. HBZS also provides training for new rescuers within the organization and also for other organizations. This is the first step to understand a company’s so as to get MBA operations management assignment help.
This entire series of article discusses that initially before adopting ITIL the IT department of HBZS is very typical and was responsible for very basic activities such as support and configuring rescue staff. But after the adoption of ITIL in their organization HBZS has gown apparently.  HBZS were in doubt before implementing ITIL by taking in the consideration of the size of the IT department. They have a misconception regarding the adoption of ITIL as the thought this will require a larger group of people in order to successfully implement ITIL. Initially in the first phase they implemented the first six basics ITIL processes. Although it was all IT oriented it still had allowed them to move free activities into well-structured and evaluated process. I am sure this will provide great Operations management project help to the students.

It had made them regularly report their work to upper management. This resulted in impressing the upper management and CFO. During the second phase there was a change in upper management. This sparks an opportunity for improvement at their work. But challenges were inevitable and come up consequently.  Firstly how to make the new management understand the working of IT? it was tough for them initially as they went on to describe the working more technically which was hard to comprehend for the business people. Besides these the current change in management will present great opportunity for them so as t their strategy related to communication and make the foundation of business more solid. However, the challenges were also at competency level amongst the department. You can read and help in getting similar analysis for your Operation Research Assignment Help.
The series of article further discuses that at HBZS the management employed service transition methods for swift transition of their service. They were apprehensive at the start and were reluctant but with the ideal ITIL procedures and tools they ensure a smooth transition. They start sitting for regular meetings regarding the service which established a invaluable communication channels. Assigning service tickets was another major feature which evolved from the service transition process which enables the service desk to allocate the problems accordingly and in line with the requirements of it.  It was clearly evident from their work progress that by transforming from a technological view to service view they have a better understanding of the needs of their customers. It discovered the advantages of establishing a well-defined communications with IT. So, in short it provide a way to integrate IT so as to provide Supply chain management assignment help to the management.
Finally, this series of article also discusses the future outsourcing prospect and implementation of CSI for HBZS as is quite necessary and it should be done in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness and optimizing costs of IT related services at HBZS. It can be used by student to get operations management help for their assignments. It is a lifetime process and must be carrying out through the entire service lifecycle. It is important as business is continually changing and evolving. And that is where lies the primary objective of CSI to continually align and re align IT services in accordance to the need of the business and should work in order to improve IT services for the good of the business.

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